A Tamarindo-style Test Drive… surfing

If you’ve spent any amount of time here in Tamarindo, you know that it’s a town that is always growing and changing. But one thing here that will never change is the love of surfing.

Everywhere you go, you are reminded of surfing. From the surf trip vans carefully balancing loads of boards on their roof racks, to old boards being re-used for business signs, to people coming from or going to the beach.

You Can Make Tamarindo Surfing More Affordable with These Helpful Tips

What did Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake, and Cameron Diaz all do last summer? Well, these Hollywood A-listers—and many others—all hit the beach to chase waves.

If you don’t pocket million-dollar checks though, you know that surfing can be a pretty expensive hobby. To begin with, basic surfboards can cost hundreds of dollars, and then there’s hundreds more on accessories like rash guards and fins. If you want to experience Tamarindo surfing without making your bank account wince, heed these tips.

Should Tamarindo Surfing Newbies Consider Buying Used Surfboards?

Surfing is now one of the most popular sports, with 23 million people surfing the world’s beaches, and global market sales expected to hit $13.2 billion by 2017. One place that surfers flock to is Costa Rica, which offers surfing locales like Tamarindo. This article from The Costa Rica News explains what draws surfboard-totting tourists to this Central American country