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At Neptuno Surf Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica we have a large selection of rental boards from high performance surfboard rentals to short funshape surfboards, funboards and longboards, with materials such as Tuflite, Epoxy, Fiberglass and Softboards. Some of our surfboard brands are Al Merrik, Rusty, Mc Tavish, Walden, Pearson Arrow, Robert August, Hobby, Joel Tudor, NSP, Softop, Xtorsion and more.

Pick the style/size of your preference, and book the days you want to reserve your board. You can change this before you come or even when you are here… depending on the waves, you may want to change your surf ride… so don’t worry about that so much right now.

NOTE: For a full week rental, just book the first 6 days and the 7th day is free. (Please add a note on checkout specifying this).
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